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Rapier 2014
This year, Our Tenth Anniversary, will feature a double theme of World War I and the Cthulu Mythos.  Chris Forster will be running a First and Goal  tournament on Thursday night and we will also have open gaming starting Friday morning and continuing in the Jones-Edge Boardgaming Suite, now on the newly renovated Sixth Floor of the Tower. 
We will also have a Warhammer 40K Tournament, our usual mega sized Column-Line-Square  Napoleonics, and a Flames of War Tournament.
We are also going to have the Rapier Racing Challenge, which will start on Friday night with the 40K Bike Race and run in the Boardgame Room all day on Saturday.  This series will feature Charles  Corzine's  Breaking Away game which was a big hit at last year's Rapier.  Also featured will be the Cthulu 500, Circus Maximus, Championship Stock Car Racing, Formula De, and Race the Wind.  The winning points will be an average of a racer's finishing spots.  In order to qualify you will need to participate in at least four separate games. 

Rapier Designers Challenge
Our three designers for this year's Designer Challenge are Martin Wallace, Emanuele Ornella, and Acchittocca.  It will be in a 'pick up' game format all Friday and Saturday and finishing up Sunday Morning if need be.  But, in order to help you find players and teachers, each will have a session on the schedule.  That doesn't mean you can't play at other times.


Forms can be found with Neil and Mike.  Basic rules are every game played must be submitted.  Scores will be given for 1st through last place.  1st=3, 2nd=2 , 3rd=1, last=-1 all others are 0 points (Last is always -1 even if only three players).  No two player games.  This encourages every play to be important and for you to do your best even if you aren't going to win.  Average scores is for your placement in tournament.


There will be prizes given out at 1pm for each designer and one for overall.  To qualify for each designer, you must play in at least 3 games.  For the overall, you must be qualified in  at least two individual challenges.


Session 1

Martin Wallace Kick Off of the Designer Challenge.

Games that will be available (at the least) will be:

Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, London, Rise of Empires, Liberte', Tinner's Trail, Byzantium, Perikles, Toledo, Areoplanes, Mordred, Lords of Creation, The White Lotus, Election USA, Brass and Automobile

Session 2

Emanuelle Ornella Kick Off of the Designer Challenge.

Games that will be available (at the least) will be:

Assyria, Hermagor, Charon Inc, Martinique, Oltra Mare, and Il Principe

Session 3

Acchittocca Kick Off for the Designer Challenge.

Games that will be available (at the least) will be:

Comuni, Egizia, Ghost for Sale, and Lenardo Da Vinci