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Flames of War 

Flames of War for Rapier 2017 will be a three round tournament beginning at 9:00 am  and limited to 16 players.  It will be Mid-War 1700 points. Sign in for the Flames of War Tournament will start at 8:00 am in the Gravity Room on the Sixth Floor.   





Session Four:  9:00 am through 1:00 pm


GameTitle: 2nd Battle of Polotsk
GMsName: Joe Kohten
GameType: Miniatures
GameScale: 25mm
RulesUsed: Column, Line & Square
Location:  Compass Room
Number of Players: 6-12
Description: October 1812, after the Great Battle of Borodino, Napoleons lines of communication were threatened.  His flanks were in trouble. In the North was the Dvina line was held by the II and VI Corps under Marshals Oudinot and St Cyr at Polotsk opposed by General Wittgenstein's Russian Army which has been greatly reinforced since the first attack in August. On 17-18 October the Russians launched a series of massive attacks to break the line secure Napoleons supply base at Vitebsk.  Signed Up: Jay Bellman


Game Title: Conquer Britannia
GMs Name: Lewis Pulsipher
Game Type: Board game prototype
Number of Players: Four
Location:  Aviation Ballroom

Description: This is a much-simplified Britannia lasting 90-120 minutes (shortest game so far, 84 minutes) on a new board, with plastic figures. Begins after the Romans withdraw, ends with Norman invasion. Less chance (though more dice!) in combat. Each player controls 2 or 3 nations, total points of all nations count for winning. The game is perhaps more "offensive-minded" than Brit. No need to know Britannia itself.  Signed Up: Mike Green; Brian Mageau
Game Title: Freidrich 
GMs Name: Keith Altizer 
Game Type: Board
Number of Players: 4
Location:  Aviation Ballroom
Defeat Prussia before the Tsarina dies! Or be Frederick the Great and struggle for survival with a mixture of courageous willpower, sudden inspiration and stoic patience.  It is the summer of 1756. On the eve of the Seven Years War, half of Europe has formed an alliance. Frederick the Great is in deep sorrow: Is the annihilation of Prussia planned? Is it Prussia's defeat or is it Prussia's glory? Signed-Up:  Keith Altizer; Mike Green; Rob McCarter; Wade Emmons
Game Title: Raygun Rayborn and the Robot Emperor
GMs Name: Jim Berhalter
Game Type:  Sci-Fi Miniatures
Game Scale: 28mm
RulesUsed: Spaceways
Number of Players: 8 Players
Location:  Compass Room
Description: Join us once again for the long running pulp extravaganza. Signed Up:  Charles Corzine; Frank Scarci; Curtis Royal; Joey Caso; Doc Gallagher
Game Title: Mig Killer
GMs Name: Mike Dubose
GameType: Miniatures
Game Scale: 1/600
Rules Used: Check Your Six
Number of Players: 4-6
Location: Compass Room
Description: Fishbeds fight Phantoms in the skies over North Viet Nam. Signed Up: John Reich; Christian Rekowski; Eric Terry; Mike Baker
Game Title: A Monster by Any Other Name
GMs Name: Rob Adams
Game Type: Minis
Game Scale: 28mm
Rules Used: It Came From Beyond the Still
Number of Players: 8
Location: Compass Room
Description: The evil megalomaniac doctor and taxidermist has created movie magic! They're alive! They're alive! Come, play some of the classic movie monsters of yesteryear! Signed Up: Bryan Capps
Game Title: The Battle of Chatterton's Hill
GMs Name: Edgar Pabon
Game Type: AWI Black Powder Rules
Game Scale: 10mm
Rules Used: Black Powder
Number of Players: 5 Players
Location: Compass Room
Description: General Howe attacks the American line at White Plains, NY in October 1776. Signed Up:  Andy Barmer
Game Title: Drum Roll
GMs Name: Dale Martin
Game Type: Boardgame
Number of Players: 4
Location: Aviation Ballroom
Description: In Drum Roll each player takes over the role of a circus owner in the early 1900s. Each player moves around Europe hiring performers and giving shows.

There are five main categories of performers: the Tamers, the Acrobats, the Bizarre, the Magicians, and the Jugglers. Each of them have different demands the player must fulfill in order to give their best performance.

The requirements, which vary between performers, are Rehearsal, Equipment, Supplies, Costumes, and Promotion. There are three levels of performances that each performer can end up doing in a show: a poor one, a good one, and an outstanding one. The higher the level of performance, the more requirements each performer will have to fulfill in order to achieve it.

The better the performance, the more each player can get out of it. When performers do outstanding performances, the player must choose between getting the maximum amount of benefit out of them, or getting the Prestige Points they are offering. There are also other ways to improve a circus such as trailers, investments, and personnel that will help your performers do their best.
Game Title: Hide and Seek
GMs Name: Tim Forster
Game Type: RPG
Rules Used: Ninja Crusade ( around 6-10 d10's)
Location: Latitude Room 
Number of Players: Up to 6
Description: An RPG inspired by shows and movies such as Naruto: Shippuden, Basilisk: The Kōga Ninja Scrolls & Kung FU Hustle...

Long ago, after terrible acts changed the fate of the imperial family, the Emperor called the Ninja Crusade, sending his armies to hunt down and kill every ninja in the empire. In response, ninja clans who once previously held strong, centuries-old rivalries were forced to band together against a common enemy. It was a mission of survival. 

Game Title: The Age of Sigmar
GMs Name: Emi
Game Type: Miniatures
GameScale: 32mm
RulesUsed: Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
Number of Players: 1-6
Location: Compass Room
Description: Warhammer Age of Sigmar is an easy to learn fantasy skirmish miniature game by Games Workshop. Join in and learn how to play. All models will be provided, or feel free to bring your own if you are already a fan of this exciting game. Signed Up: Jason Page;  Jonathan Page
GameTitle: Inis
GMs Name: J. Neil Edge
Game Type: Board
Number of Players: 2-4
Location: Aviation Ballroom
Description: Inis takes place during the height of the ancient Celts, when history and legend are one and the same. Players are chieftains leading their clans beyond the seas from Ireland to a newly discovered island. They settle the land, explore the surrounding area, harvest resources from the mines, and construct Citadels and Sanctuaries for their protection. Bards recount the tales of their gods and heroes, druids act as advisors, and master craftsmen immortalize Celtic civilization. Each chieftain believes to have the most legitimate claim to the throne of this new island. Only time will tell who among them will ascend to become Ard-Ri, the High King of this new realm!

Inis is a game for 2 to 4 players but realistically even with all new players lasts an hour to a little over an hour so this game can be run at least twice allowing for us to hold up to 8. Signed Up: Damien Macomber; Patrick Curlin
Game Title: Rousse, June 22nd, 1811
GMs Name: Gavin Tovrea
Game Type: Napoleonic Miniatures
Game Scale: 15mm
Rules Used: Commit the Garde!
Number of Players: 2-6
Location:  Compass Room
Description: The culminating battle of the Russo-Turkish War of 1808-1812.  Come try out a Napoleonic game without any French troops! 
Game Title: The Fog of War
GMs Name: Keith "Modoc" Mageau
GameType: RPG
Rules Used: Call of Cthulhu 7th ed.
Number of Players: 3-6
Location: Aviation Ballroom
Description: It's October 1918 and the end of the war is not in anyone's mind. In fact, General Pershing is continuing to push forward! Join the men of the 308th Regt, 1st Bn, C Co., 2nd Plt as the horrors of war become all too real. Explore what the "Lost Battalion" really went through. Don't trust the history books; they have failed to capture the real story.

Players will take on the role of soldiers in one of the squads of 2nd platoon. Pregenerated soldiers will be provided.

No prior Call of Cthulhu experience necessary!

A set of standard polyhedral dice are helpful, but I will have dice for those that do not. 
Game Title: Twilight Imperium
GMs Name: John Reed
Game Type: Board
Number of Players: 6
Location: Aviation Ballroom
Description: This game needs no description.  The session may (almost certainly will) run longer than 4 hours. 


Session Five: 2:00 pm through 6:00 pm


GameTitle: Martian all out assault!
GM's Name: Brent Rogers
Game Type: minis
Game Scale: 15mm
Rules Used: All Quiet on the Martian Front
Number of Players: 8
Location:  Compass Room
Description: The Martian's are trying again to assault Memphis but first they must go through the sleepy little town of Farmington. But due to the excellent recon of the 23rd U.S. battalion, the humans are aware of the impending attack and aim to stop them with everything they've got! Will the Martian wave crash against the rocks of humanity's defenses or will they simply sweep them aside and continue their mission to eradicate the human race. Signed Up: Rob Adams; Steve Rawls; Jamie White; Damien Macomber; Alex Hetzel
GameTitle: X-Wing Tournament
GMsName: Dave Raderstorf
GameType: Star Wars X-Wing 
Rules Used: Cumulative Tournament
Number of Players: Up to 12
Location: Aviation Ballroom
Description: 100 Point Armies, $5 Entry, Prize support in store credit. 
Game Title: Leningrad Offensive '44
GMs Name: Ocala Garrison
Game Type: Miniatures
Game Scale: 28 mm
Rules Used: Bolt Action 2nd Edition w/Tank Wars
Number of Players: 6
Location:  Compass Room
Description: Russians and Germans fight for a key crossroads near Leningrad.  
Game Title: The Great Train Games
GMs Names: Chris & Desiree Forster
Game Type: Board Games
Rules Used: Colt Express & Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary
Number of Players: 6 Per game
Location: Latitude Room
Description: Colt Express- There is a gold shipmenton its way and you are just the person to steal it.  Unfortunately, the rest of the gang has the same idea.  Colt Express allows you to take control of a bandit to get the most gold.  You must be careful though, there is a marshal and other robbers to hinder your pursuits.

Ticket to Ride- Come out and Play the 10th Anniversary edition.  Complete your rail lines to lock out your competition and prove you have the best head for planning. Signed Up:  Ryan Freels
Game Title: Britannia 3rd ed. Epic Historical version prototype
GMs Name: Lewis Pulsipher
GameType: Board game prototype
Number of Players: 4 (possibly 3)
Location: Aviation Ballroom
Description: 3rd edition Brit will include both this epic historical version and a simpler, shorter intro version (offered at another time). Much stronger Romano-British, forays (land raids), cannot abandon areas, no "starving armies" suicides, a few terrain changes (Mar is clear terrain!), and other changes. This will be much easier for those already familiar with Britannia. 
Game Title: Dune Remastered

GMs Name: Mike Green
Game Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 6
Location: Aviation Ballroom
Description: This is Dune as you have never played it before.  The Board and all the components have been totally update to create a beautiful stage to refight the epic battle for the Desert Planet.  Set thousands of years in the future, Dune the boardgame is based on the Frank Herbert novels about an arid planet at the heart of the human space empire's political machinations. Players each take the role of one of the factions attempting to control Dune. Each faction has special powers that overlook certain rules in the game. Each turn players move about the map attempting to pick up valuable spice while dealing with giant sandworms, deadly storms, and other players' military forces. A delicate political balance is formed amongst the factions to prevent any one side from becoming too strong. When a challenge is made in a territory, combat takes the form of hidden bids with additional treachery cards to further the uncertainty. Signed Up: Charles Corzine; Chip Darcy; David Drake; Rick Thomas

The game concludes when one faction (or two allied factions) is able to control a certain number of strongholds on the planet. 


Game Title: Freeman's Farm
GMs Name: Boyd
Game Type: minis
Game Scale: 54mm
Rules Used: KoW variant
Number of Players: 6
Location:  Compass Room                                    

Description: Colonials hold the fence line as the British attempt to dislodge them.  This is a portion of the Saratoga Campaign for the American War of Independence.   adult with no experience necessary.


Game Title: Scythe plus expansion
GMs Name: Dale Martin
Game Type: Boardgame
Number of Players: 7
Location: Aviation Ballroom
Description: It is a time of unrest in 1920s Europa. The ashes from the first great war still darken the snow. The capitalistic city-state known simply as The Factory, which fueled the war with heavily armored mechs, has closed its doors, drawing the attention of several nearby countries.

Scythe is a Worker Placement/Economic Engine board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor. In Scythe, each player represents a character from one of five factions of Eastern Europa who are attempting to earn their fortune and claim their faction's stake in the land around the mysterious Factory. Players conquer territory, enlist new recruits, reap resources, gain villagers, build structures, and activate monstrous mechs. Signed Up:  Ryan Freels; Patrick Curlin; 


Game Title: Operation Junkie
GMs Name: Mickey Barfield
Game Type: RPG
Rules Used: Spy-a game of action and espionage
Number of Players: 5
Location: Latitude Room

Description: The agents travel to Detroit to investigate a rather bizarre incident. There might be clues to a foul combat drug and maybe even links to a shadowy organization called Daedalus. Beginners welcome. Signed Up:  Jeff Waldon


Game Title: Shadows of Brimstone
GMs Names: Neil Edge and Chip Coffey
Game Type: Board +Miniatures+ RPG
Number of Players: 2-6
Location:  Aviation Ballroom

Description: In what can best be described as a cross between Doomtown and Arkham Horror, Shadows of Brimstone is a GM less RPG which takes place in the Old West where things have gone horribly wrong. A rare item, the Darkstone was discovered in the mines around the town of Brimstone, and triggered a mad rush for the element. But the accumulation of Darkstone caused an explosion that destroyed Brimstone and released horrific creatures into the area.  Will you and your party brave the mines in the area to gather the Darkstone and make your fortune? 


Game Title: Flying Tigers over Rangoon
GMs Name: Gavin Tovrea
Game Type: Aerial Miniatures
Game Scale: 1/300
Rules Used: Above the Clouds!
Number of Players: 2-4
Location:  Compass

Description: P-40s intercept bombers headed for Rangoon with escorting Oscars. Signed Up: Bill Ballinger


Game Title: Break the Blockade
GMs Name: Steven Gilchrist
Game Type: Miniatures
Game Scale: 1/2500
RulesUsed: Full Thrust
Number of Players: 2-6
Location: Compass Room

Description: A hostile force has blockaded a neighboring planent.  A relief force is sent to break the blockade.  Players may bring their own ship-designs or ships will be provided. 


Game Title: Star Fleet Battles - Fill 'Er Up
GMs Name: Christian Rekowski
Game Type: Hex and Counter
Rules Used: Star Fleet Battles
Number of Players: 6
Location:  Compass Room
Description: A Tholian carrier is viciously attacked by a Klingon PF flotilla which was returning from an unsuccessful hunt. Tholians at rest may not be quite the challenging prey that a Kzinti convoy might be, but for Klingons, it's all about the fight.

I'll be using SFB Captain's rules. The scenario can handle up to 6 players. 



Game Title: Zombiecide Black Plague  (Table Top Miniatures Version)
GMs Name: Rufus DeVane
Game Type: Table Top Miniatures
Game Scale: 28MM
Rules Used: Zombiecide Black Plague (Modified)
Number of Players: 8
Location: Compass Room

Description: I have taken Zombiecide Black Plague for a board game to a fully 3D board.  You are in control of a Zombie apocalypse survivor.  The game is set in a medieval world with knights and wizards.  You will work cooperatively with other players to escape the zombie hoards.  Will you be able to get out?   

Session Six Saturday 8:00 pm through Midnight


Game Title: The Sacred Temple

GMs Name: Dwight Jones
Game Type: Miniatures
Game Scale: 28mm
Rules Used: Sword in Africa
Number of Players: 8 Players

Location: Compass Room

Description: Europeans have desecrated the Sacred Temple and have camped there.  They must be destroyed. 


Game Title: Leipzig - Southern Front

GMs Name: Neal Ekengren
Game Type: Board Game played with Miniatures
Game Scale: 12mm
Rules Used: Command and Colors Napoleonics
Number of Players: 8
Location: Aviation Ballroom

Description: Experienced players only since many nationalities are involved.  Plan on 4 hours.  We can play Northern front Sunday if there is enough interest. 
GameTitle: Founder's Day
GMsName: Brent Rogers
GameType: Miniatures
GameScale: 28mm
RulesUsed: Dead Man's Hand
Number of Players: 8
Location: Compass Room
Description: It is Founder's Day in the small New Mexico town of El Diablo and everyone is having a grand time.  Everyone, that is except Sherrif John Pilgrim, who thinks way too much is going on! Signed Up: Eric Terry; Curtis Royal



Game Title: Clash of Cultures

GMs Name: Dale Martin
Game Type: Boardgame

Number of Players: 4
Location: Aviation Ballroom

Description:  From Christian Marcussen, the creator of Merchants and Marauders, comes Clash of Cultures, a civilization game in which each player leads a civilization from a single settlement to a mighty empire. Players must explore their surroundings, build large cities, research advances and conquer those who stand in the way. The game features a modular board for players to explore, 48 distinct advances, seven mighty wonders, and loads of miniatures and cards. The winner will create a culture that will be remembered and admired for millennia. Signed Up: Keith Mageau; Brian Mageau; Alex Hetzel


Game Title: Screw the Corporation!!
GMs Name: Mickey Barfield
Game Type: RPG
Rules Used: Pathogen: Unclassified
Number of Players: 6
Location: Latitude Room

Description: 3 years has passed since the outbreak that took 80% of the population and turned them into flesh eating maniacs. A parasite controls them and the survivors fight to keep alive and their sanity. Try this game of Apocalyptic Survival Horror. Beginners welcome. Signed Up: Emi Palisoc


Game Title: Space Hulk

GMs Name: Patrick Odell
GameType: Board Game
Game Scale: 28mm
Rules Used: Space Hulk 4th edition
Number of Players: 4
Location:  Compass Room

Description: Trapped inside the derelict "Harbinger of despair" Two squads of mighty Space Marine Terminators must escape before the insidious Genestealers destroy them all. Space Hulk 4th edition rules used on a 3D board. Two players for the terminators, and two for the genestealers. Signed Up: Rob Adams; Jonathan Page; Jason Page; Dean Kay



Game Title: The Great Train Robbery
GM sName: Chris Forster

Game Type: RPG

Rules Used: Deadlands Reloaded (DnD set needed, with extra D6
Number of Players: 7
Location: Latitude Room

Description: The Black River Train Line has a contract to deliver mail and monies to the skirmishers in their employ.  The train will move their goods from El Paso to Phoenix and is heavily guarded.  It is up to a band of Texas Rangers to plan a raid and make sure the train's cargo does not make it there. 


GameTitle: Attack on Starbase 8
GMsName: Jim Berhalter
GameType: Miniatures
GameScale: 1/2500
RulesUsed: Full Thrust
Number of Players: 2-6

Location:  Compass Room

Description: Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics.  To the discomfort of the Klingon High Command, the Federation is expanding into the Gonmog Sector, far too close to the border for comfort.  Several Federation Colonies have already been established and a new Starbase is under construction.  The High Command has surmised that the Federation expansion is being supplied through this new base.  If it can be disabled then all these new Federation Colonies will wither and die. Signed-Up:  Frank Scarci; Mike Dubose; David Drake; Joey Caso


Game Title: Sailing the "Pirate Round"
GMs Name: Gavin Tovrea
Game Type: Board Game with Miniatures
Game Scale: 1/1000
Rules Used: Captain Treasure Boots (CheapAss Games)
Number of Players: 2-8
Location:  Compass Room

Description: Come plunder the Indian Ocean with us, no need to actually know how to sail a ship or even 'Swash a Buckle.'  Whoever gains the most wealth will be proclaimed "Captain Treasure Boots!" 



Game Title: Star Fleet Battle Force
GMs Name: Mike Baker                                                                              
Game Type: Card Game
Rules Used: Star Fleet Battle Force
Numberof Players: 6
Location: Aviation Ballroom
Description: Your enemy reacts to your attack by Jamming, but you are ready to counter-jam. Unable to reinforce shields, he is forced to disengage, pulling his cruiser out of the battle. STAR FLEET BATTLE FORCE is a fast-paced starship action card game. Compare the weapons cards in your hand to the ships in your Battle Force and launch your attack. The enemy responds with jamming, maneuvers, wild weasels, and damage control in a fierce effort to stay alive and counter-attack. The Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Gorns, Tholians, Kzintis, and Orion Pirates are in your Battle Force and ready for action. Enhanced game system: some weapons can use more than one type of attack card. Many attack cards can be used for defense. Incremental damage recycles cards faster and gives more precise control over the action. Damage to ships can disable their weapons. Fighters, PF flotillas, Klingon Mutiny, Organian Ceasefire, Legendary Officers, and more.