Miniatures Gaming

Session One Friday 9:00am-1:00pm

Game Title: Superhero Smackdown
GM's Name: Daniel Ferguson
Game Scale : n/a
Rules Used: Heroscape (rules / tiles) / Heroclix figures (670 and counting)
Brief Game Description: SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN -
Heroscape (rules / tiles) / Heroclix figures (670+)

A customized version of Marvel Heroscape (rules / hexes) and Heroclix (670 figures with custom Heroscape cards) ... that I like to call ? SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN.

Batman -vs- Captain America
Wonder Woman -vs - She Hulk
Teen Titans -vs- New Mutants
Thanos -vs- Darkseid
Flash -vs- Quicksilver
Thor vs- Shazam
Green Lantern vs- Iron Man
Doctor Strange vs- Doctor Fate
Suicide Squad vs- Sinister Six

Everybody versus Godzilla!!

Maybe even Dormammu may enter our game to take over the game ? Is that Galactus on the horizon to destroy the game board??

Who will end up being the king of the hill??
Who will build the best team?
How well can you roll the dice?

If you like superheroes - if you like figures - if you like rolling dice - this is a game you should check out.



Session Time: One - Two - Four - Five
Table Size: 10' X 6'
Number of Players: 2-10
Ages Allowed: Children OK with Adult

Session Two Friday 2:00pm-6:00pm

Game Title: WWII Assault - Enemy at the Granary
GM's Name: Mitch Mitchell
Game Scale : 28mm
Brief Description: The Grain Elevator was built like a fortress with solid concrete walls. This became the site of the famous Stalingrad battle as a small group of Soviets soldiers held out against everything the Germans could throw at them, including flamethrowers, tanks and Stuka bombings. They Soviets held on even as the grain stores caught fire. The Germans had to clear the building floor-by-floor and room-by- room through the bombed-out debris. The two sides engaged in close quarter combat on alternate levels, even attacking each other through holes in the floor. Come join a side and enjoy WWII wargaming at it's best!
Number of Players: 6
Ages Allowed: Children OK with Adult

Game Title: Superhero Smackdown (See writeup for Session One)

Session Three Friday 8:00pm-Midnight

Game Title: Georgetown Crossroads, June 17, 1863
GM's Name: Bob Moon
Game Scale : 40mm
Rules Used: Brother vs Brother, modified
Brief Game Description: In order to screen the ANV from being located on its journey North, Lee ordered that vital mountain passes and certain crossroads be defended. At Georgetown Col Chambliss posted a company of his men to defend the crossroads
which led North to Thoroughfare Gap. After spotting the Reb's, Col Duffie sent his men forward to investigate their presence.
Session Time: Session three Fri 8pm - 12pm
Number of Players: 6
Ages Allowed: Children OK with Adult

Session Four Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm

Game Title: Pig Wars: Roundup Edition
GM's Name: Kellum
Game Scale : 28mm
Brief Game Description: Pig Wars is a skirmish-level miniatures wargame set in the Dark Ages: after the Fall of Rome, before the Norman conquest of England.  Pigs are a frequent goal of a given scenario, hence the name of the game. Things don't always work out the way one intends ... it can get a bit chaotic.                                                                                Number of Players: 4-6                                                                                                                                                                               Ages Allowed: Adults Only                                                                                                                                                            Comments: Some elements are not for younger children. Teens are OK, fair warning, there will be a brothel. 8' table requested. Roundup edition is an aspect of a raid in which the player with the most loot at the end of the session will be declared a winner and take home a prize. Other prizes will be awarded as well. It will probably not take the full session, but that will remain to be seen via play testing.

Game Title: Superhero Smackdown (See writeup for Session One

Session Five Saturday 2:00pm-6:00pm

Game Title: Clash of Ironclads
GM's Name: Bob Moon
Game Scale : 1/300
Rules Used: Under Both Flags, modified
Brief Game Description: This will be the "MOTHER" of all Ironclad Naval battles! Tecumseh, Wehawkin, Chickasaw, Pittsburgh & Cincinnati VS Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Nashville & Manassas! These ships are all 1/300 scae and visually impressive. So come on grab a lanyard and help make some "Smoke on the Water".
Session Time: SessionSix, Saturday 8pm - 12pm
Table Size: 10' X 6'
Number of Players: 8

Game Title: Superhero Snackdown (See writeup for Session One)

Session Six Saturday 8:00pm-Midnight

Game Title: The Beast
GM's Name: Edgar Pabon and Chip Coffey
Game Scale : 28mm
Rules Used: Force on Force
Brief Description: Soviets vs. Mujhadeen in 1980s Afghanistan and loosely based upon the Movie of the same name.
Session Time: Six
Table Size: 10' X 6'
Number of Players: 6-8
Ages Allowed: Children OK with Adult

Session Seven Sunday 9:00am-1:00pm

Session Eight 2:00pm-6:00pm